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NLP,Leadership Being the Evolutionary Leader You Are: Evolutionary Leadership is your journey towards the world you long for. In the past thirty years of working with students and clients around the world, we have discovered that no two human beings are alike. No single modality, tool-set, belief-system, practice, or life-path is right for everyone. We’re each on our own unique journey, and none of us has to travel alone! Evolutionary Leadership begins with your own heart and soul. It’s what happens when you remember that you have an important role to play in the grand scheme of things. You begin by embracing what you already love most, and do best.

Your Intuition and Creative Magic: Sharp as a blade, fresh as morning dew .. magic is more than the sum of the parts. In our years of training and teaching — Zen, Meditation, Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Yoga, Applied Neuroscience, Aikido, Art and Creativity — we’ve found that true Magic lies outside any of those boxes. Magic surrounds you, and when you truly see it, it fills your life with insurmountable opportunity! It lets you see and hear with fresh eyes and ears. The very things you imagined were set up against you, become the means to your brilliance and ‘superpower’. Five Changes is a cutting-edge system for evolution and real-world change.

Trusting Your Soul’s Masterpiece You were born with all you need to achieve your dreams. And you owe it to yourself, and to everyone else, to get out of the closet, and express the gifts that are at the heart of who you are. You were born to express your strengths and genius. When you are off track, disappointment, fear, and resignation show up like bad magic. But what the world wants most is that you thrive, and live in your brilliance and truth. When you’re in your creative flow, people, events, the whole universe, meet you where you are. When you say yes to what’s possible, everything conspires to make you shine.

Jim Niswonger
If you’re tired of sabotaging your big dreams and subtly(or nor so subtly) blocking your own way forward, Caitriona and Michele are the people you need to see. They have tools, unlike any other I know, to ‘re-wire’ your automatic thinking, to help you get more of what you want in a way that positively impacts your business, your life, and the difference you can make for others. There’s no greater resource for putting your incredible mind to work for you.

Jim Niswonger
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Step out beyond self-imposed limitations   ..   to be seen and acknowledged as the creative rockstar that you are   ..   because when your imagination is free, we all move a little closer towards the world we long for!

For individuals, visionaries, and organizations

* Trusting Your Soul’s Masterpiece

You are not broken. You were born with all you need to achieve your dreams. You owe it to yourself, and to all of us, Read More

* Evolutionary Leadership

When you unhesitatingly embody your own individual and unique journey, you automatically step into a leadership role. Read More

* Intuition and Creative Magic

Magic is beyond reason and expectation. It is what you do to make the impossible real. It is letting go. It is at the very heart of art and science, and  Read More

* Presence

‘Being’ present, and ‘having’ presence are interwoven in how we show up in the world. When you are fully present, others know it, feel it, respond to it.  Read More

* Embodiment

To be fully alive, engaged, enthusiastic, connected, with your energy flowing – physical, emotional, creative, sexual. Being in your body, Read More

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