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NLP,Leadership Being the Evolutionary Leader You Are: Evolutionary Leadership is your journey towards the world you long for. In the past thirty years of working with students and clients around the world, we have discovered that no two human beings are alike. No single modality, tool-set, belief-system, practice, or life-path is right for everyone. We’re each on our own unique journey, and none of us has to travel alone! Evolutionary Leadership begins with your own heart and soul. It’s what happens when you remember that you have an important role to play in the grand scheme of things. You begin by embracing what you already love most, and do best.

Your Intuition and Creative Magic: Sharp as a blade, fresh as morning dew .. magic is more than the sum of the parts. In our years of training and teaching — Zen, Meditation, Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Yoga, Applied Neuroscience, Aikido, Art and Creativity — we’ve found that true Magic lies outside any of those boxes. Magic surrounds you, and when you truly see it, it fills your life with insurmountable opportunity! It lets you see and hear with fresh eyes and ears. The very things you imagined were set up against you, become the means to your brilliance and ‘superpower’. Five Changes is a cutting-edge system for evolution and real-world change.

Trusting Your Soul’s Masterpiece You were born with all you need to achieve your dreams. And you owe it to yourself, and to everyone else, to get out of the closet, and express the gifts that are at the heart of who you are. You were born to express your strengths and genius. When you are off track, disappointment, fear, and resignation show up like bad magic. But what the world wants most is that you thrive, and live in your brilliance and truth. When you’re in your creative flow, people, events, the whole universe, meet you where you are. When you say yes to what’s possible, everything conspires to make you shine.



Calling all creatives, visionaries, change-makers,
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.. moving towards the world we long for ..

Soul-Work NLP and the Five Changes

We begin at a place where many conventional NLP programs end. NLP is a lot more than the cool techniques that will wow your customers and your your clients, and accelerate your own performance exponentially. Sure the techniques are important – they are mind-blowingly powerful – AND we cover the very best of them – but what’s even more important is the deep alchemy that must take place, for you to truly use them effectively.



Here’s where we start ..

1 You are not broken
The prevailing notion – in coaching, in healing, in education, in just about every field you care to name – is that you are missing something, or that you’re broken in some way. You are NOT broken! You are inherently whole. Everything you need is already inside you.

2 The Wisdom of Uncertainty
We live in anxious times. Many of us crave safety. What if the only guarantee you have is you own adaptability, your willingness to embrace uncertainty, and to trust your innate genius to meet situations as they emerge.

3 Awareness, Purpose, and Presence
Focus, mindfulness, heart-fullness – is the essence of prayer, and meditation, the key to being on purpose in the world. You can learn the basics in minutes, and then take a lifetime to refine it and fully embody it. We bring together modern brain-science with ancient mind-skills and sacred practices to accelerate and deepen that lifelong journey.

4 Creative Magic
You separate heart from head, magic from science, imagination from logic. Yet when you open to your natural creativity, all the distinctions dissolve away, and you unlock miraculous resources – energy, freedom and creativity.

5 The Heart’s Promise
Everything’s alive, everything’s connected, everything matters. “To thine own heart be true,” .. And when you are, by fulfilling your deepest desire you move us closer towards the world we long for.

Add to the mix

Add to the mix the alchemy of brain~magic, and the art of making and sustaining deep changes at the core neurological level .. and you find yourself stepping into a new universe of freedom and possibility.


If you’re tired of sabotaging your big dreams and subtly (or nor so subtly) blocking your own way forward, Caitriona and Michele are the people you need to see. They have tools, unlike any other I know, to ‘re-wire’ your automatic thinking, to help you get more of what you want in a way that positively impacts your business, your life, and the difference you can make for others. There’s no greater resource for putting your incredible mind to work for you.

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