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Evolutionary Leadership means
Collaboration and Movement,
Peace of Mind, and real Change.

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You are at the cutting edge, highly creative, and motivated
– as a healer, artist, conscious leader, entrepreneur, visionary
– with a lot of talent, and a lot to give ..

but you’re blocked, isolated, stuck and frustrated ..
because you KNOW how much you are truly capable of,
and you’re tired of false promises, and false starts.

Is it time to commit to a new level of success and influence ..
with full-on energy and creativity?

Is it time for richer, deeper relationships ..
with your colleagues, clients, friends, partner, spouse, or family?

And is it time for an even better relationship with yourself,
towards peace, focus, purpose, energy, and confidence
.. in order to make the difference you were born to?

Be an expression or evolutionary leadership!

And become a genuine source of inspiration,
creativity, and healing to others!

Exceed your goals, live in brilliance!

Five Changes helps you to identify
the key areas where you are blocked,
then supports you to make rapid,
permanent change, to transform
and eliminate them forever,
and get the results you really want!

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Start Here: Free Workbook and Audio

Is this YOU .. ?

You’re at a turning point, excited by a bigger vision.
But you feel stuck. You know it’s time for big changes.
But you know it will never happen until YOU change.

You ..

  • Have dreams you are driven to realize, but you can’t break free from your dark side … the doubts, fears, and self-destructive habits that stand in your way.
  • Are creative, intuitive, and smart, with a deep desire to impact the world … but you’re unconsciously sabotaging your success.
  • Already transform people’s lives? But lack the most effective skills to lead others to fast, effective, and long-lasting positive results.
  • Haven’t been able to break free from old patterns around money: guilt, fear, unworthiness, using money as a substitute for love, using people as a substitute for doing what you know you can.
  • Feel exhausted, frustrated, and overwhelmed. You work harder than ever, but are still not seeing the results. Tell yourself (and everyone else) that you’re “okay,” but the reality is, you feel an ache in your soul … to do more, to give more, and to LIVE more.
  • Keep recreating the same painful relationship over and over again, or aggravating old ones, with behaviors and patterns you can’t see until it’s too late.
  • Are more than ready for change. In fact, you’re raring to go! You thought you could do it on your own, but now you realize you can’t … and you’re eager to do whatever it takes to get the skills and support you need to make some serious life changes … permanently.

If any of this sounds familiar, Five Changes NLP Coaching and Training is the right place for you …

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Excited About an Evolutionary New Year

The most powerful tools for change are often the simplest. We may already know them, or intuit or aspire to them .. let 2015 be the year you embrace them and embody them fully.

Change the way  you experience your brilliant life, to contribute to the positive impact you want to see in others. Become part of the movement toward evolutionary leadership.

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