Soul Certification in Soul-Work NLP; a streamlined version of Neurolinguistics and trance-work, the most brilliantly effective communication and integrated personal transformation skills. Learn the creativity and core skills that will allow you to be massively effective with your clients, as well as to create exponential growth in your business and personal life.

A yearlong group program that includes revolutionary personal-change tools for clarity, direction, and for being and expressing your vision for what’s possible in your life and for the world

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You are at the cutting edge, highly creative, and motivated – a visionary, an artist, a healer, an evolutionary leader. Your passion is to make your vision real. The world we all long for also includes your thriving life and business. Win-win is the only option.

Do you believe in the magic of a bigger vision for what is possible? Is it is time for you to commit to a new level of success and influence .. with full-on energy and creativity? Then this is where our conversation can begin.

We each work with a small number of individual clients. We customize the program to best address your needs. Please contact us for details.



For the freedom you deserve, and for the world we long for

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Creativity Explosion

Your Creative Genius

  • Do you lead with your intuition and heart?
  • Are innovation, invention, and creative expression your driving force?
  • Are your perspectives naturally holistic and spiritual?
  • Can you see things from multiple perspectives and points of view?
  • Do you connect well with others, but sometimes you feel like an outsider anyway?
  • Are you ready for greater visibility and impact?  
  • Do you believe that miracles can happen,
           yet you’ve been unable to manifest what you know you can?

“Working with the Five Changes program will change your life!”
— Colette Zimmer Brown

Creatives don’t do well with rules and regulations.  You are at your best when you have freedom to create. When you don’t, you feel like you’re suffocating.

When you are in the flow of your creativity everything seems possible. When you’re out of touch with the flow, you feel like you’re going round in circles.

You are smart, intuitive, and have great ideas, but unless you’re getting them out there, it feels like everything’s on hold.

Difficulties and challenges can stop you in your tracks, but when you realize they don’t define you, you turn your scariest demons into fuel and inspiration.

Wake up to a new world! Let your voice become your own. Be a virtuoso of life — towards the world we all long for!


“Caitriona and Michele have a wisdom and presence, and they teach deep and profound perspectives and tools with such a lightness of being and humor that it made my time working with them a sheer delight.”  — Geoff Laughton

Creativity Explosion 

Creatives and Entrepreneurs, Turn Your Genius into Gold

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“I had no idea how profound this work was going to be.
Looking back now, I can’t imagine my life if I hadn’t done this.”  —Emily Steinberg