Caitriona Reed and Michele Benzamin-Miki are co-founders of Five Changes and Manzanita Village. Coaching, mentoring and training evolutionary leaders, teachers, entrepreneurs, visionaries and spiritual seekers

They have trained and mentored evolutionary leaders, visionaries, entrepreneurs, and spiritual seekers for three decades.

We always look forward ?to the cooler months when we can throw on a dress with leggings or tights, boots, socks, and boots because it is the ultimate comfort office-wear. Leggings are warm and comfortable, versatile and cute; they are a? staple item for your fall and winter wardrobes.The range of their experience, and their lifelong research,
blends contemporary brain-science with ancient mind-tools for deep personal, energetic, mindset change.

The depth of their wisdom, and their perspective as artist and poet, makes them uniquely suited to support and mentor smart, creative, visionaries who march to the beat of their own drum

Cait has worked with award-winning entrepreneurs, environmental activists, artists, poets, and visionaries .. including a White House staff member.

Michele has worked with conscious entrepreneurs, front line activists, gifted artists and visionaries of all kinds who are passionate about their work and have a strong desire to create positive impact in their communities and in the world.

Certification in Soul-Work NLP; a streamlined version of Neurolinguistics and trance-work, the most brilliantly effective communication and integrated personal transformation skills. Learn the core skills that will allow you to be massively effective with your clients, as well as to create exponential growth in your business and personal life.

A yearlong group program that includes revolutionary personal-change tools for clarity, direction, and for being and expressing your vision for what’s possible in your life and for the world


For the freedom you deserve, and for the world we long for

new nlp leadership master trainers

.. this is a no-joke place. This is a bring-all-your-wisdom, bring-all-your-honesty, and bring-all-your-bullshit place. Because we live in a time that is filled with chaos and confusion. But things get a whole lot clearer here. —Jamie Grace Davis

The spaciousness of the land, the undisturbed peace, star-filled night sky, clean air and water (from our own well), the many trails, the natural wildlife habitat .. makes this an ideal place for learning, development of creativity as a tool for change, and deep inner transformation through Soul-work NLP. Manzanita Village is where we meet with our clients and host Five Changes retreats.

I am really grateful for the opportunity to come here. It is such a wide open, clear, breathing, beautiful space that allows whatever needs to come in. The guidance is sometimes gentle, sometimes a little bit fiercer .. always exactly what I need. — Johanna Hartman


By car, we are two-and-a-half hours from Los Angeles, and two hours from San Diego. We overlook rolling grasslands, mountains, and hills, and are surrounded by tens of thousands of acres of natural wildlife habitat.

I have gone to a number of retreats there and they really changed my life, opening me up to my personal infinite possibilities. — Maggie Brennecke

Caitriona Reed and Michele Benzamin-Miki are co-founders of Ordinary Dharma and Five Changes, and stewards of the land at Manzanita Village Retreat

A unique, special and sacred place for deep reflection, nourishment and profound transformation. Give yourself the amazing gift of spending some time in this incredibly beautiful place! — Nancy Monson

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I just can’t get enough! My life is forever changed as a result of my time at Manzanita Village. Each time I bring a little more of the magic out with me as I re-enter my life. And, that’s the evidence that the magic is working. Caitriona and Michele live what they teach with such integrity in their partnership, their integrated teaching dynamic, their dedication to the land and, their dedication to the amazing people they attract.  — Cheryl Walker

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Manzanita Village is an energetic vortex. It was here that I learned how to walk on the earth, and my life was changed forever. — Dr. Elise Turen

I love the land here. The chaparral forest, the rolling hills,
beneath countless stars is itself a teacher —Lawrence Ellis

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