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Workshops Certification in Soul-Work NLP; a streamlined version of Neurolinguistics and trance-work, the most brilliantly effective communication and integrated personal transformation skills. Learn the core skills that will allow you to be massively effective with your clients, as well as to create exponential growth in your business and personal life.

A two week group program that includes revolutionary personal-change tools for clarity, direction, and for being and expressing your vision for what’s possible in your life and for the world

NLP Coaching and Training, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Hypnotherapy, Certified NLP Coaching and Practitioner training program in California 760.782.9223

You are at the cutting edge, highly creative, and motivated – a visionary, an artist, a healer, an evolutionary leader. Your passion is to make your vision real. The world we all long for also includes your thriving life and business. Win-win is the only option.

Do you believe in the magic of a bigger vision for what is possible? Is it is time for you to commit to a new level of success and influence .. with full-on energy and creativity? Then this is where our conversation can begin.

We each work with a small number of individual clients. We customize the program to best address your needs. Please contact us for details.


For the freedom you deserve, and for the world we long for

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Stay tuned. We are planning some new events for fall-winter 2017.


Amazing Relationships

September 1-4, 2017

A Retreat-Workshop

Michele Benzamin-Miki
Caitriona Reed

at Manzanita Village

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Big Picture Retreat

December 27 – 30, 2017

Michele Benzamin-Miki
Caitriona Reed
at Manzanita Village

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Break the Mirror!

May 25-28, 2018

Creativity Explosion Retreat

Caitriona Reed
Michele Benzamin-Miki
at Manzanita Village

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 soul work NLP

Soul Work NLP!


June, 2018
date to be announced

Caitriona Reed
Michele Benzamin-Miki
at Manzanita Village and virtual

An immersion and certification training
in applied brain~mind~heart science
and cutting-edge personal transformation.

For healers, coaches, therapists, leaders,
artist and fellow travelers ..

” – everything’s connected, everything’s alive,
everything counts.  And everything you do
has a bigger impact than you can know.”
Skills towards the world we long for. 

A combination 3 month (or at your own pace)
virtual training  (video, conference calls,
and training material) with a 5 day
immersion training at Manzanita Village.

our gift to you

Workbook & Audio

Your Soul’s Masterpiece

.. how to tame the dragons in your life, so that they become your best friends and certain allies . Includes audio trance-journey  for deep-level neurological change.

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