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Workshops Certification in Soul-Work NLP; a streamlined version of Neurolinguistics and trance-work, the most brilliantly effective communication and integrated personal transformation skills. Learn the core skills that will allow you to be massively effective with your clients, as well as to create exponential growth in your business and personal life.

A two week group program that includes revolutionary personal-change tools for clarity, direction, and for being and expressing your vision for what’s possible in your life and for the world

NLP Coaching and Training, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Hypnotherapy, Certified NLP Coaching and Practitioner training program in California 760.782.9223

You are at the cutting edge, highly creative, and motivated – a visionary, an artist, a healer, an evolutionary leader. Your passion is to make your vision real. The world we all long for also includes your thriving life and business. Win-win is the only option.

Do you believe in the magic of a bigger vision for what is possible? Is it is time for you to commit to a new level of success and influence .. with full-on energy and creativity? Then this is where our conversation can begin.

We each work with a small number of individual clients. We customize the program to best address your needs. Please contact us for details.


For the freedom you deserve, and for the world we long for

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Break the Mirror!

Creativity Explosion Retreat
May 26-29, 2017

Manzanita Village

Caitriona Reed
Michele Benzamin-Miki

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Soul Work NLP

A new approach to Neuro-linguistics and Chanhge

* Soul-work NLP,
* Conversational Hypnosis,
* Psychomagic 
* Creativity Explosion

A certification training for Coaches, Speakers, Teachers, and Visionaries

July 3-16. 2017
at Manzanita Village

Caitriona Reed and 
Michele Benzamin-Miki 
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Big Picture Retreat

at Manzanita Village

with Caitriona and Michele

December 27 – 30, 2017

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Workbook & Audio

Your Soul’s Masterpiece

.. how to tame the dragons in your life, so that they become your best friends and certain allies . Includes audio trance-journey  for deep-level neurological change.

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Creativity Explosion

Psycho-Magic and Presence

May 26-29, 2017
A Retreat at Manzanita Village

Michele Benzamin-Miki
Caitriona Reed


Breaking the patterns of the past forever.

“I used to think that presence was something you either had, or didn’t have. Then I learned that it’s something you can develop. This has been my life’s work. To break the mirror of the limitations you impose and simply be in the radical presence that changes everything.”   — Scott Kelman. Performer, Director, Impresario, Teacher

Breaking a mirror is considered to be bad luck by some. Perhaps it’s because mirrors were once a rare and precious commodity. Perhaps, it’s because breaking a mirror was like disfiguring an effigy, or sticking pins in a doll. It was considered to be a dark and powerful juju.

There’s a very different sort of magic, more powerful than breaking silvered glass, that happens when you break the mirror of your own self-image. Because when you break THAT mirror, you change the stories you’ve been telling yourself about what’s possible, about how you’re supposed to feel, about who you are.

Break The Mirror Retreat

Imagine stepping through a doorway into a world where a community of like-minded people, come together for three days, with the sole purpose of shedding the skin of their old self-image, stories, prescribed emotions, and identity.

Join us for a Psychomagic journey to break the distorting mirrors and change how you navigate the world of your imagination. Re-invent everything about what’s possible — for you as a creative force in your business, in your life. in how you love, in how you create.

Breaking mirrors is not just doing away with the old, It’s gaining new eyes, new ears, and new sensibilities, freeing yourself from the old juju of beliefs and perspectives that have been stopping you from standing in your brilliance.

Radical Presence is how you get there. We will be marrying ancient wisdom-skills with the practical understanding drawn from contemporary brain science.

Who Should Attend: Anyone who is a creative, artist, entrepreneur, committed to creating a new spiritual-creative-psychological approach and passionate about learning new skills for living a purpose-driven, heart-centered, energy-rich life.

Where: Manzanita Village – Location

Register now for 497 through April 30    (997 after April 30)

Bring a friend add 150

Includes accommodation and home-cooked vegan meals





Learn to do this work with Five Changes, and you’ll be running circles around your competition — Kelly O’Neil, Las Vegas, Nevada

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Soul Work NLP

A new approach to Neuro-linguistics

A certification training for Coaches, Speakers, Teachers, and Visionaries

July 3-16. 2017

  • Learn powerful cutting-edge, innovative, and mind-transforming skills that will help your clients (and all those you serve) to make fast, permanent, positive change in their life and in their business.
  • Understand the keys to creating lasting personal change.
  • Become a master facilitator to help others change the negative patterns and habits of a lifetime.
  • Help your clients achieve their goals with reliable systems that they will continue to use and adapt as they evolve.
  • Amplify and optimize the skills and tools you are already using.
  • Master a range of adaptive skills that far exceed the norms of the coaching, education, and personal-development worlds; and become an authority in your field.
  • Coaches, healers, speakers – double or triple your current income!
  • Embody these skills to fuel your ongoing evolution towards personal mastery, conscious leadership, and effective communication.

Soul Work NLP. A Two-Week Residential Immersion 

at Manzanita Village

with Caitriona Reed and Michele Benzamin-Miki

An immersion certification training in the art and science of change. Beyond the realm of conventional psychotherapy, Soul-work NLP is based on Neurolinguistics, conversational Hypnosis, and the shamanic practice of Psychomagic. It consists of the most brilliantly effective communication and integrated personal transformation skills.

People should be warned that they will never experience the world in quite the same way after doing this work
— Matthew Blom, NLP and Family Constellation Coach and Facilitator, Grass Valley, California

Become a Certified NLP Coach and healer with both Foundation and Master Certification in NLP. Learn the core skills that will allow you to be massively effective with your clients, students, team, customers, patients, and all those you serve, as well as to create exponential growth and creativity for your business and in your personal life.

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I have had the pleasure of co-facilitating a training alongside the brilliant Caitriona Reed and I can say, hands down, that she is one of the most brilliant NLP practitioners and trainers I have had the pleasure of working with. — Scott Mills Phd., Brain Wizard, and CEO of SARK International, Portland Oregon

Registration includes tuition, training material, accommodation and meals at Manzanita Village

Until May 1, 2017 register here for 4997.00, and save 5,000.00  (After May 1, 9997.00)

Registration includes accommodation and meals at Manzanita Village 




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Big Picture Retreat

at Manzanita Village
with Caitriona and Michele

December 27 – 30, 2017
Tuesday Afternoon 2 PM – Friday 
Afternoon 2 PM

A Psychomagic adventure in the spirit of opening to all that’s possible for you in the New Year. Join us for the twenty-third (we can hardly believe it ourselves) end-of-year Five Changes retreat at Manzanita Village. Open to all comers.

Your imagination, your mind, the wide wide world, is neither big nor small. 

You brain, together with your body, is the most complex system we know. Your brain makes an estimated trillion neural connections at any given moment. It is an ecosystem, a universe of it’s own ongoing self-creation.
The cells in your body resemble the cells of your brain. They are interactive and ‘intelligent’ in ways we have to reeducate ourselves to even begin to understand. Centuries of misinformation have taught to look at living things as machines, so we each need to make time, as we will on this retreat, to re-vision who, and what, we are.

Any experience, thought, sensation, or emotion that you have, has the power to change you to the core; because it changes the whole system. It means that really dramatic transformation, that can shatter old habits, old attitudes, and old beliefs, is actually much easier than we think.

Bridging ancient technologies for the spirit and mind with modern brain-science, trance and family systems constellation .. to offer you a blazing-entry way into the new year. 

Distorting Lenses

If you’re looking through distorting lenses you never get to see the world for what it truly is or can be. You never get to see yourself for who you truly are or can be. You compromise, and everything suffers. You end up struggling. Your health, business, relationships, everything is compromised. Clean the lens, better yet, throw it away, make a new one of your own choosing. Stand for what’s possible. Live your truth.

Mindset Reset for 2018

In anticipation of your brilliant new year, reset to a new heart-mind-spirit intention. Clear the clutter and baggage. Take a pause to breathe, see, hear, and set your clearly defined intentions and goals for who you want to be, and how you want your life to be, in 2017.

Deep Dive 

If you want to dive deep into the ocean of psycho-spiritual possibility, then we invite you to be at Manzanita Village for this end-of-year retreat.


Where: Manzanita Village Retreat, Warner Springs 

December 27-30 , 2016 (Tuesday 2:00 PM through Friday112:00 PM)

Registration 497

Couples, or bring a friend
add 150
check ‘bring a friend’ at checkout

Includes accommodation and vegetarian-vegan meals
  (Value 1500 )

Registration is 100% tax deductible

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