NOT meditating : Meditation by numbers

NOT meditating : Meditation by numbers

Meditation by numbersDo you fear (as many people do) that true creativity is rare and special,  something only for a lucky few, a gift from the muse, or a fortunate accident?

The truth is that everyone is blessed with a greater ability for creative innovation and solution-based inspiration than they could ever use up in a lifetime.

It is a lot simpler than most people think to get in step with yourself, to become congruent, to have your head meet your heart and your body and to tap into that inexhaustible source inside at will, whenever you need to, or want to.

How often do you really allow yourself focused quiet time,  inner time, away from the daily habitual clutter?

And do you know that there are specific tools that shift habitual patterns of your self-limiting thoughts, beliefs, and emotions PERMANENTLY! Great spiritual teachers use them, some of the greatest world leaders have used them.

This is not just meditation by numbers!

This is exactly why a meditation retreat can be powerfully life-changing. because It gives you enough time to really GET some of this.

We provide you with accommodation, food, and a structure that will help you accomplish more in 3 days of ‘not doing’  than you usually accomplish in three months of ‘working’ on yourself.

PS This has nothing to do with having you take on some extra new belief system or convert to some new ‘religious’ way of thinking … this is entirely about the timeless wisdom and awakening that evolves from within YOU

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